Bioinformatics Resource Manager

Upload Data

  • Upload your data as a .txt/.tabExcel formats (.xls and .xlsx) are not supported tab-separated file and include a header (Load Example)
  • File uploads larger than 200MB are not recommended

Conversion Options

  • Select up to 1 input columns for your input query
  • Species restrictions on input and output columns reduce multiple database matches

Output Options

  • Selected columns are appended onto input dataset in the order they are listed below
  • Options for multiple matches exist to allow a less or more stringent search result
Bioinformatics Resource Manager Info

The Bioinformatics Resource Manager (BRM) is a software environment developed for data retrieval, integration and analysis of high-throughput (HTP; transcriptomic, proteomic or sequencing) biological data.  BRM provides computational tools for biologists to merge datasets, cross-reference gene or protein identifiers, map identifiers across species and add functional annotation from NCBI, UniProt, Ensembl or microRNA databases, including predicted miRNA targets from multiple sources.   BRM utilizes easy to navigate workflows for identification of predicted miRNA gene targets and integration with experimental mRNA or protein datasets. BRM further provides generic workflows for integrating cross-platform, cross-technology or cross-species. These tools provide biological researchers with a platform for straightforward integration and analysis of heterogeneous HTP datasets critical for biomedical research. 

Use BRM for integrating across HTP experimental datasets. Examples include: